The Mount Werner Water Standard Specifications for Water and Wastewater Utilities are to be followed for the installation of all water and wastewater utilities within the Mount Werner Water district. The Standard Specifications are revised on a yearly basis – typically in February. A summary of the modifications from the prior year is included at the front of the specifications for ease of use.

Any requested variance from these specifications must be submitted in writing to Mount Werner Water for review and approval. If you have questions regarding the specifications, please contact our Engineer at (970) 879-2424.

The Standard Specifications are provided below in PDF format. You will need Adobe version 7.0 to open these files. Click here if you need a free upgrade.

2018 Standard Specifications (entire file)

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Standard Specifications (except details)

Contains the Table of Contents, Summary of Modifications, all of the Sections, Appendix B, Appendix H, Exhibit A, Table A and the Cold Weather Specifications. (everything except the Standard Details)

Standard Detail Sheet (sheets 1-22)