2019 Capital Projects – Spring Update

The District has been working on several Capital Projects scheduled for 2019:

  • Sewer Interceptor enlargement: Phase 1 (Fetcher Park Metering Vault to the east side of the railroad tracks) is scheduled to start in early August with a completion date of November 1st. Native Excavation was awarded the project.
  • Water Main Extension: this summer, the District will install a connection from the existing water main in Christie Drive to the new Eagles Vista Development on Burgess Creek Road.
  • District Office Remodel: Phase 1 was completed in mid-March and we are targeting a June 1 completion date for Phase 2. Please drop by and see the improvements!
  • Wastewater Monitoring Manholes: the District will be upgrading one existing wastewater monitoring manhole and installing a brand new one. Improvements will include measuring devices, remote monitoring and tracking software and infrastructure upgrades.

Master Planning Projects

o Community Water Conservation/Efficiency Plan Update (partner with City of SB) – In March, we were awarded a Water Efficiency Grant by the Colorado Water Conservation Board. This project will kick-off in April.

o Hydraulic Modeling/Fire Flow Analysis; Water Distribution System – Baseline Engineering, Inc. started work on this project in January, 2019 and continues the analysis. Future projects that may be completed as a result of the study will increase water system reliability and fire flow delivery in the distribution system.

o Critical Community Wildfire Watershed Protection Plan (CWP2 ): Fish Creek Watershed – Respec, Inc. with cooperation from Anchor Point, Inc. has completed the following to date:

  • Kick off meeting with Core Team in October, 2018
  • Drafted Public Outreach Brochure and set up online site (Basecamp) to report progress and provide updates
  • Completed Watershed Risk modeling including Wildfire Hazard and Post Fire Hydrologic Hazard Analysis

On March 28th, the Core Team met to review the results and we have tentatively scheduled our first Community outreach meeting for June 13th.

o Water Supply Master Plan Update (MWW and the City) – on February 27th, the core team met to discuss and review final draft reports for assessing existing and future water supplies to meet projected future water demands, water conservation objectives and water modeling under a series of growth and climate scenarios. We evaluated a future Projects Matrix and analyzed water quality parameters and treatment techniques. The final report and recommendations should be received this summer.