• Sewer Interceptor enlargement: Final Design, Engineering and Bid Documents for Phase 1: Fetcher Park Metering Vault to the east side of the railroad tracks. We are on track to advertise for bids for this project in early 2019, with construction scheduled for the summer/fall of 2019
  • Master Planning Projects:

 ◊ Sewer interceptor enlargement – Design and Engineering: Phases 2 and 3 will start in 2019
◊  Water Conservation/Efficiency Plan update (partner with City of SB) – we are applying for a Water Efficiency Grant with the Colorado Water Conservation Board. We anticipate starting this project this fall or early next year.
◊  Hydraulic Modeling/Fire Flow Analysis; Water Distribution System – Baseline Engineering, Inc. will begin work on this project in January, 2019. The modeling update will incorporate the constructed District improvements installed as a result of the 2013 Modeling Report. Recommendations from the 2019 report will be evaluated by staff, prioritized and ultimately incorporated into future District budgets. All of these projects will increase water system reliability and fire flow delivery.

  • Sewer tie-in and installation of natural gas service and underground conduit for wired internet connectivity at the Fish Creek Treatment Plant – this project was completed this summer.
  • Fish Creek Water Line Repair at the Safeway Bridge – over the past few years, the 10” water main buried beneath Fish Creek became exposed in the creek. This fall, the main was encased in concrete and boulders were placed immediately downstream of the main to protect it from additional creek scouring and erosion.