The District has several Capital Projects scheduled for 2018.

Projects include:

A . Sewer Interceptor enlargement: Final Design, Engineering and Bid Documents for 2019
construction of Phase 1: Fetcher Park Metering Vault to the east side of the railroad
B . Master Planning Projects:

  • Sewer interceptor enlargement – Design and Engineering: Phases 2 and 3
  • Water Supply Master Plan update (partner with City of SB)
  • Water Conservation/Efficiency Plan update (partner with City of SB)
  • Hydraulic Modeling; Water Distribution System

C.  Design and Planning for a future office renovation: Fish Creek Plant Administrative Office
D.  Sewer tie-in and installation of natural gas service and underground conduit for wired internet connectivity at the Fish Creek Treatment Plant
E.  Fish Creek Water Line Repair at the Safeway Bridge
F.  Design, Engineering and Construction of Sewer Monitoring Manholes
G.  Equipment, Infrastructure and Technology Upgrades at all Facilities