facilityThe Mount Werner Water & Sanitation District treats and distributes water for the mountain resort area of Steamboat Springs and, under agreement with the City of Steamboat Springs, provides water to the City Water District for distribution to its customers. The District also provides the infrastructure for the collection of wastewater within the District that is treated at the City’s wastewater treatment plant west of Steamboat Springs. The District’s service area lies within the City limits generally south of Anglers Drive and Fish Creek. Click here for the District Boundary Map. (7.67 MB)

Mount Werner Water and the City of Steamboat Springs share raw water storage in Fish Creek Reservoir on the Continental Divide east of the City. The District and the City share ownership of the Fish Creek Filtration Plant which is operated by the District.

The District utilizes nine in-ground water storage tanks with a capacity of 5.8 million gallons and five pumping stations. Five of the nine storage tanks are utilized only by Mount Werner Water and hold 2.4 million gallons of water. Four storage tanks with capacity of 3.4 million gallons are shared with the City of Steamboat Springs.

The District also operates a shared well system with the City of Steamboat Springs that is capable of producing 2 million gallons of water per day. The District has a 55-mile distribution network that includes major transmission mains and neighborhood distribution pipes.

More information regarding Water and Wastewater Facts can be found at this link.