The Mount Werner Water District is committed to providing our customers the highest quality and most cost-effective water and wastewater services in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations while preserving public health, protecting the environment, and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.  We are equally dedicated to maintaining a work environment where every employee is recognized as a fundamental part of the organization, whereby encouraging teamwork and individual contribution.

District History

District-Boundary-Map-1_1_16The Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District includes the area of Steamboat Springs that lies south of Fish Creek. In general terms, it encompasses the resort portion or mountain area of Steamboat Springs as shown below.

The District’s philosophy and mission is to provide high quality, customer-friendly services at the lowest possible cost. The fruit of the philosophy is borne-out in our low rates. A typical residential combined water and sewer bill is among the lowest in the state of Colorado.

Initially, the District developed separate and distinct from the City of Steamboat Springs. Over time, however, as the District and the City grew, the need arose for the water and sanitation facilities of both to become physically integrated and combined. In 1980, the District participated in the construction and operation of a regional wastewater treatment facility. It is operated by the City of Steamboat Springs, but serves both the District and the City. The Fish Creek Filtration Plant also became a joint operation when the State Health Department ordered the City to add filtration to their water system. To meet this requirement, the District and the City reached an agreement in 1983 to add capacity to the District’s Fish Creek Filtration Plant to meet the City’s demand. Now, other facilities are also shared, including Fish Creek Reservoir, which is the raw water supply for both the City and the District.