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See the status of Fish Creek Reservoir and view a graph for a comparison to prior years.

Our 2016 Water Quality Report (82KB) is available for download!

The April 2016 Newsletter can be read here.

The next regular meeting of the Mount Werner Water Board of Directors will be on Friday May 20, 2016 at the Fish Creek Filtration Plant.


Pursuant to section 32-1-809,
Colorado Revised Statutes

Wasting Water Costs You $ Money $

Replace those water guzzling fixtures and appliances TODAY!

Old 3.5 gallon toilets pre 1994 Old dishwashers & clothes washers
Available for both commercial and residential customers in the District.
For details call 970-879-2424.
* limitations apply

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Cold Weather

Steamboat Springs’ winter weather can cause pipes to burst in your household or business plumbing. Here are some tips for avoiding costly damage. Know the location of your water shut-off and test it regularly. If a pipe breaks, you won’t want to have to find it then, or worse, wait for someone to arrive at your place to find it for you. In most single-family homes, the shut-off valve is in the basement or the crawlspace where your water pipe enters the house.

Winterize unheated or vacant buildings. Significant property damage and water loss can occur before burst pipes are discovered in vacant buildings. If your vacant building has a fire protection system, make sure there is no danger that the water servicing this system might freeze.

Insulate water pipes that may be vulnerable to the cold or have caused problems before. Pipes close to exterior walls or in unheated basements can be wrapped with pieces of insulation. Don’t overlook pipes near windows, which can quickly freeze. For particularly difficult pipes, consult a professional on how to select and apply heat tape. CAUTION: Improper use of heat tape can cause fires.

During a deep freeze (-5 degrees and below)
     o Keep open cabinet doors leading to exposed pipes (such as access doors for sinks), so that household air can warm them. The natural flow of warmer air will help combat many problems.
     o If you have an attached garage, keep its doors shut. Occasionally, plumbing is routed through this unheated space, leaving it vulnerable to winter’s worst.
     o Keep your thermostat set above 65 degrees when leaving your house or business for several days

If you think a pipe has already frozen
     o Don’t wait for nature to take its course: Thaw the pipe as soon as possible or call a plumber for help.
     o If you do it yourself, shut off the water or test the shut-off valve. You don’t want water suddenly gushing from the pipe when it thaws.
     o Remember: when thawing things, slower is better. A hair dryer trained at the frozen area of the pipe is appropriate. A blowtorch is not. Pipes warmed too fast may break or rupture.

Water meters also need protection from cold temperatures.
    o District water customers are responsible for maintaining their water meter and keeping it in working order. Please prevent your water meter from freezing by checking heat tape, etc. Residents of trailer homes especially need to protect their meters this winter.

2016 Capital Projects

The District has several Capital Projects scheduled for 2016.
Projects include:

    • Removal of the Shop & Hop Building.
    • Removal of the decommissioned Burgess Creek Treatment Plant.
    • Design and Engineering – enlarge the sewer interceptor at Highway 40 and Mt. Werner Road – 2017 construction.
    • Master Planning – enlargement of the sewer interceptor from Highway 40/Mt. Werner Rd. to the monitoring vault at Fetcher Park.
    • New Website - design and implementation.
    • Exterior infrastructure repairs to the Fish Creek and Majestic Circle Water Treatment Plants, Booster Stations, Shop and Lift Station.

Shop & Hop Update

In the fall of 2015, the two gasoline storage tanks and all associated gasoline infrastructure was removed from the Shop & Hop site. On February 18, 2016, the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) issued a No Further Action Letter (NFA). An NFA is written confirmation that all required testing and mitigation actions are complete resulting from the removal of the source of possible contamination to the water and reduction of the potential endangerment to human health, safety and the environment. The District has contracted with Native Excavating to remove the building, asphalt/concrete and associated utilities this summer. The site will be revegetated and brought back to its natural state.


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