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Fish Creek - spring runoff

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See the status of Fish Creek Reservoir and view a graph for a comparison to prior years.

Our 2016 Water Quality Report (82KB) is available for download!

The April 2016 Newsletter can be read here.

The next regular meeting of the Mount Werner Water Board of Directors will be on Friday July 15, 2016 at the Fish Creek Filtration Plant.


Pursuant to section 32-1-809,
Colorado Revised Statutes

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2016 Water Conservation and Snowpack

Recent snowstorms have boosted the snowpack in the Fish Creek Watershed Basin. Watering restrictions have been suspended for this year. Please use good watering conservation practices, suggestions are shown below:

  • Potable water should be used for beneficial purposes; waste is discouraged.
  • No outdoor watering 10AM – 6PM.
  • Hose irrigation with spring-loaded nozzle only; no free-running hoses.
  • Refrain from tree-planting and the seeding or sodding of new lawns from June15th through August 31st.
  • Use native grasses and shrubs and drought-tolerant species on new or re-developing properties.
  • Refrain from water-intensive landscapes.

Additional recommended irrigation practices:

  • Consider xeriscape practices.
  • Mulch plants, trees and shrubs.
  • Plan landscaping based on sun, moisture, etc.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of spray.
  • Install rain shut-off or moisture sensors on irrigation systems.
  • Sweep impervious surfaces such as driveways, parking areas, walkways instead of power washing or hosing down.

Pools and spas:

  • Limit filling of swimming pools to one filling per year, unless draining for repairs is necessary
  • Cover pools and spas with insulated covers when not in use to reduce evaporation (in this climate annual evaporation losses can be 2.6 times the surface area in cu.ft).
  • Refrain from installation of outdoor water features such as fountains which lose water to system leaks and evaporation.

2016 Capital Projects

The District has several Capital Projects scheduled for 2016.
Projects include:

    • Removal of the Shop & Hop Building.
    • Removal of the decommissioned Burgess Creek Treatment Plant.
    • Design and Engineering – enlarge the sewer interceptor at Highway 40 and Mt. Werner Road – 2017 construction.
    • Master Planning – enlargement of the sewer interceptor from Highway 40/Mt. Werner Rd. to the monitoring vault at Fetcher Park.
    • New Website - design and implementation.
    • Exterior infrastructure repairs to the Fish Creek and Majestic Circle Water Treatment Plants, Booster Stations, Shop and Lift Station.

Shop & Hop Update

In the fall of 2015, the two gasoline storage tanks and all associated gasoline infrastructure was removed from the Shop & Hop site. On February 18, 2016, the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) issued a No Further Action Letter (NFA). An NFA is written confirmation that all required testing and mitigation actions are complete resulting from the removal of the source of possible contamination to the water and reduction of the potential endangerment to human health, safety and the environment. The District has contracted with Native Excavating to remove the building, asphalt/concrete and associated utilities this summer. The site will be revegetated and brought back to its natural state.

Board Member, Kathy Connell Retires!

After 11 years of service to the District, Kathy Connell will be leaving the Mt. Werner Board of Directors. Her last meeting was today May 20th. For the past 6 years, she has served as the Board Chairman. Throughout her tenure on the Board, Kathy provided thoughtful and strategic leadership to the District. During her time on the Board, substantial upgrades to the District’s water and sewer infrastructure were finished and several major Capital Projects completed. Most recently, she worked diligently with the Board and District staff to secure the purchase of the Shop & Hop Gas Station property. This acquisition was critical to protecting a key component of the District’s existing and future water resources. Her longstanding commitment of serving the District’s customers with clean, reliable drinking water will always be remembered. Thank you Kathy….we will miss you!


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